Constant Wave Of Turmoil

Life totally bearing upon this being, pushing, pressuring in
a constant wave of turmoil, most of it because of ignorant,
abusive people with no heart, caring or compassion whatsoever.

Wondering why this is happening, seeing people going within,
being selfish, self-centered and abusive towards everyone
around them.

What has happened to civility, values, manners and etiquette
nowadays; wanting life to turn around and be like it was
years ago when people where friendly, caring and compassionate.

Is it because our corrupt politicians have taken away the live-
lihood of millions of people and given it to illegals, muslims
and refugees, is this why we're seeing this disrespect and did-
dain from people everywhere?

by RoseAnn V. Shawiak

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RoseAnn, such an interesting write👍👍👍