Constitutional Instigate

Poem By Baktavatshalam Shanmugam

where to bygone such that obsecene untoward,
were self- bigotry hence freelancing,
are there any satisfaction promulgate,
are they many artistic coagulate,
about disciple prevaricate much more,
abate discuss public meant mere,
articulate divest unfortunate satisfactory,
gesticulate disrupt behaviour obfuscate activity,
mend potion; mad occur sideways,
amend whatever described about eruption,
gamut evolve so as to abet fabrication,
eloped from profession with instigation,
galloped form confession which minching,
followed-up causes unnecessary meaning,
gallons of thoughts settled once again,
alone ceases to exist; animals became and again,
a lawn cleanse fist when cleaned agog,
absolve done every dawn so better smog,
obscene doing very often soon hotter fog,
clean habit every preposterous mist.

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