NS (01-05-1976 / Kerala)

Construction Of Poverty

Delhi works in chaos to prepare itself for the commonwealth games.A white elephant in making amidst trampling of the poor.the facade of being rich.The pain as the poor struggle to make ends meet in these construction sites which have a absolute inhuman conditions.

The lovely face beyond the rugged curtains
Awakening like a clock dictated
Never a smile in a flood of grimaces
Will there ever be moments to rejoice
In their poverty near the riverbed

Rush for mega dreams cant wait
And hopes for the future are always
Built on speed and tears and
Amidst tales of sweat, burns and blood

Trampling on them their bare bodies
A naked struggle a thankless sacrifice
For the ecstacy of sports and finicky guests
Of a mega mask of portrayal of a city
Rich in its progress of the future
In their poverty near the river bed

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