Construction Plans Should Always Take Into Account Security Breaches

we would walk casually
across the golf course
just enjoying a stroll
through the autumn night
across and into
the culvert
eyes level with the street
spy the cylindrical prize
on it's grail like perch

wait undetected

until the maverick would pass
if the trunk was open
we would cross the road

hustle up to the temp dock

roll a blue tank unsecured
grab an end
then shuffle to the road

the maverick would roll around again
and stop
trunk would fly open
run and stuff it
into the car
backseat dives
then off into the night

1000 psi of laughing gas
medical quality
baloons anyone?

for about 15 years after that
i felt the world was wide open
that i lived in the wild west
for a time
i almost did

by Nat Z. Punx

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