Constructive Comments

Though most people like positive comments it never ceases to amaze
that you learn more about yourself from negative criticism than you do from praise
This is if you are open to learning of your flaws as some people are
Provided the criticism is not meant as an insult which is taking things too far
Though most people do like flattering comments is obviously clear
And of praise from others they are happy for to hear
But that this can be ego inflating is a fact that is known
One reason that many celebrities believe they are god's own
And though most feel quite flattered when others their praises do sing
Constructive criticism when taken on board it is quite a good thing
For when the subject of the comment to it does pay heed
To him or to her it can be quite helpful indeed
You learn more from constructive criticism than you do from praise
For a constructive comment can help you for your standards to raise.

by Francis Duggan

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one is good judgements suck