Consumated Hope

Rediscovered my voice just the other day
Noticed it was harboring the same old lie;
Wrote it all down on the head of a pin,
Simple justification for a life of sin.

Caught up with my blindside once more, and
Took a look around at all I'd missed;
Examined the apple of desired ambition
for cause and effect of what might have been.

Heard you breath my name in a dream,
Your voice was as if on angel's wings;
Urged my to lay aside my own opinion and
Rely on you to come round once again.

Felt you rend my heart in the grand finale;
The vision was eclipsed by tear filled eyes;
Bloody Rose of Sharron, my soul's admiration,
Consumated Hope of the Eternal's never-end.

by Papa Crutch

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