I thought it was a dream at first.
I was on a high.
I didn't think what I was doing or the consequences.
This dream went on.
I was trapped.
It turned into a nightmare.
But with your help we could end this nightmare.
And together make our own dream.

by Derrick Barker

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Close thy sweet eyes, calmly, and without pain; And we will trust in God to see thee yet again. William Cullen Bryant
This is a beautifully penned poem, a wonderful sonnet, describing the horrible tragic inevitability, of a slow death by incurable consumption at the time. The poem deserves a far better recognition and ranking than it has received here.
Calmly, and without pain. With the ways of nature; as death came along. Nice work.
Beautifully penned with lovely rhyme scheme. Thanks for sharing.
My mother died during a snow blizzard in 1978. This poem just completely described that part of my life....