Poem By Doom and Gloom

Infectious I am, I flow in your blood
Can you feel me clawing at your veins?
I will blur the divide between death and love
I will bind you fast in rusty chains

Contagious I am, I have chosen my pray
Can you feel your flesh begin to rot?
Your body fights against decay
Where life has failed, death will not

Open your heart and let me in
Remove the barrier, this cage of bone
The beating cedes to silent din
To die with me is to die alone

Comments about Contagion

There are many angles i could view this poem from. Although the third line tips me off to one angle more. Could it be that there is a cereal killer and he/she is actually your lover? I must be contagous because he 'wins' so many, killing many others. You only begin to realize this as you slowly rot away hung on a wall in rusty chains. So doom and gloom are you merely warning us about a virus or showing us the dangers of the real world?

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Good day to thee my worthless friend, I see you’ve shown your full intent
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Every moment of every day
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I know I’m not the only one
Who sits alone as time goes by
Whose failures mount the more I try
Whose pain just grows the more I cry