Love Love Love Love

look how unhappy you make me when you fall sick
look how happy you make me when i nurse you back to health
look how happy i am to love the sick for your sake
how i sometimes cure the sick with my 'stick'.
it takes your true love, to realize, your true sickness
to deliver your true health
from thiness to thickness
i love to be the true health to your sickness
love love love love
i love you...

marx morris twumasi

by marx morris twumasi

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ORANGES DON'T SNEEZE By Josie Whitehead A cod's a very lucky fish For he contains Omega 3 – So he never gets arthritis – No, that’s just reserved for me. Oranges are lucky too Full of Vitamin C – You’ll never hear an orange sneeze – But the sneezes come to me. A salmon never writes a poem – It's quite tricky, as you see. Yet they say that salmon feeds the brain – So, I’ll buy some for my tea. Poets - do you eat salmon? copyright 2007