Contaminated Minds

The only thing being won,
By a society outdone...
Recalling customs aged and tired,
Are people inspired to discard foolisness.
The kind that vanity,
With secrecy conspires.

More are exploring the root of truth.
Finding it discredited...
To bolster lifestyles of greed pursued.
On the shoulders of police patrols,
Hired to monitor and subdue...
Those outlawed by new 'don'ts' and old 'do's!

As anxieties encourage lost control to those wicked...
Those who are selfish and obviously sick.
This is success by those who are driven.
To take more from those with less...
Has become a sign of being blessed.
A sign unspoken,
Yet is given...
To finance a degrading moral mess!

These images spreading to ooze out all that's good,
Leaves contaminated minds,
In the best of neighborhoods!
And those imposing on the peace some find...
Are supported in 'high places'
To infest more nonsense in these declining times.

'Hip hip Hooray...'
The thoughtless are heard to say!
'Blast away at those resisting,
And insisting on standing in our way! '

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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i voted you 10... for the sunshine yr words provided. just 2 let you know... cloudy days & unbrellas smythe the rain.