Maybe Tomorrow

you ask for today
i do not have
today, maybe tomorrow

i may have tomorrow
inside my hands
wait for another day
or another week
or another year

maybe tomorrow

i cannot give you today
what i have is this past
that you cannot accept
and i cannot offer you today
because i cannot afford

today i am nothing
but tomorrow, if you can
wait, i may have tomorrow

whole and full
inside my hands, yes, yes,

i have lots of these tomorrows
my dreams
my hopes
inside the basket of my hands
clasped by the gentle cups
of my heart

wait, please wait, do not die yet
we still have tomorrow

that is all we have
a bunch of tomorrows
sweet sweet tomorrows

dreams, hopes, wishes


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Brecht was perceptive when it came to capitalist society -he knew his Karl Marx -and scathing about the pursuit of profit for its own end in the consumer society- his last two verses especially remain appropriate to today. Such insights however failed him when it came to communist dictatorships.