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Contemplating Self Worth
JD (1970-06-05 / Johannesburg)

Contemplating Self Worth

Poem By John Doe

The wind comes and goes
Bringing a tongue of hot air
Making things bearable for an instant
Then back to dry unrelenting heat

This wind would be
A calming
A blessing
If it was cool
But not today

The thoughts come and go
That bad thoughts of having no self-worth
It was distant before
But now it comes often

This process destroys
Not calm in thought
Not a blessing
It was only fleeting
But not today

If you listen carefully there are warning signs
The rustle of the leaves
A quick dust cloud
All sound disappear but for that unsettling roar
The roar of movement not of anger
Or is it the moment of danger

So I listen to my heart for the signs
The flutter of my heart as it skips a beat when I think of her
My anger swells up and up
Everything around me disappears
The roar of my pain
Pain of my raw self worth

So the battle has begun
Between sense and heart
Between mind and body
I’m on no one side
Not even my own
Just want to end this battle in my head

Its getting louder
I cannot ignore it
First to understand
Then to except
And finally to stop it
This roar in my head

Self-worth what the hell is it…

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Great poem, very deep...