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Contemplating Suicide
SW (23/01/1989 / Pretoria, South Africa)

Contemplating Suicide

Poem By Sacha Wilson

If only you knew what would you do?
If only you too could feel my pain...
If only you knew the hurt I feel, the tears that run from my eyes burn my cheeks.
They burn my heart and sting my soul
If only you knew, if only you knew
If only you knew how unhappy I am
Would you try to change the situation?
If only you knew how much I hate this place
Would you smother my hate with love?
Would you tell my fear to go away?
If only you knew, if only you knew!

It's too late now, my time has past
There's nothing you can do
If only I wasn't alone, If only I was loved
If only he lived closer
If only mom was there
If only dad would pay attention
All these problems would dissapear
If only I were dead

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Comments (2)

being dead is so final in this world anyway. always someone worse than you my friend your so young. we brought out your feelings in this poem that is good. life can be bad or you could stand up and do something about it. have faith. i have been down that road, just keep living one day at a time.
Hi Sacha, What a succinct statement of that feeling. I do hope you are past the feeling, that it was in the past. If not, maybe you should talk to someone about it - a friend, a counsellor? Marc