Contemplating The Insufficiency Of Past Errors

Every position you have taken on this situation,
Has produced the opposite dire results.
And here you have come before us for the eighth time
To request additional financial support for a failed procedure.
How can we be assured that what hasn't worked...
Can and will work this time around?

'I realize the ambiguity of past maneuvers
Jeopardized the wholesomeness of improper injections used.
Therefore diffusing a calculated initialization recommended
To transfix a progress upon our plans to produce the desired results.

After contemplating the insufficiency of past errors,
It has been concluded that optimum success will most certainly
Become sustained if funding viewed as lost on this campaign...
Is interpreted as investments to maintain 'concretivity' to reinforce
The plastering of cracks appearing upon this...our foundation.
To avoid fears of derailing this train now firmly placed on new tracks,
With a stunning ray of eminence from the lighthouse of hope
That promises to shine upon future generations to come.
Clarifying visions!
Removing threats to traditions valued!
Chasing away those darkened shadows on paths.
To embark upon shores with a unity now within our reach!
Expediting our goals...
And removing obstacles on the thresholds of our endeavors! '

Well stated and direct.
We are unanimous with our support!
No longer will we doubt a point of view so precise,
And vivid.
Your explanation warrants an immediate release
Of every possible resource we have available
To ensure and recapture the pride that must be restored.
You have detailed this with such honest...
And chilling observation.
We applaud your efforts!
I recommend a complete opening of our treasury department,
To advance this direction so well outlined.
You are truly one of the greats!

'I humbly embrace this decision...
And wise assessment of the tasks before us! '

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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