Contemplations @ 3am On New Years...

Chance of life.
A crossing of 2 paths.
Narry but for a moment
I'd wish would last forever.
Cruel is life in moments like these.
Enchanted, intrigued but impractical.... *sigh*

Choices to make,
And plans to see through.
Not expecting this
I must confess.
Contradictory feelings of bitter sweetness.
Exit stage left, I must go.

Can't deny that, 'parting is such sweet sorrow'
And not having regrets left behind
None at all...
I wish for you: happiness and the realisation of your hopes and dreams
Consider this though:
Everything in life.. Is it all meaningless?

Cycles and seasons repeat endlessly.
A chasing after the wind.
Nothing stands or lasts forever in this world.
It easily forgotten, lost, stolen, destroyed, unrequited or rusts and decays.
Can't bring it either beyond death's door
Except... The true meaning of life. (I hope and pray you find it too.)

01/01/2007 @ Fullerton
For: Someone unique....
By: David TAN

by David Tan

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