Contemporary Art

Poem By Tex T Sarnie

A picture on display
brought utter dismay.
Why choose such a place
to hang an utter disgrace?

Unfit for adult or child,
it could drive people wild!
Influence all mankind
and corrupt the mind!

Though no one knows
what it means or shows,
it is quite obvious to me
what a blank canvas should be.

Comments about Contemporary Art

An insightful bit of verse nicely embellished with poetic rhyme and rhythm.
Yes, some modern art is not really art to me. Was Pablo Picasso a genius or just dyslexic? What do you think?
I also fully agree with this poet's idea about contemporary art. Just splash a bottle of ink over a canvass and it becomes an art of great symbol and philosophy. There will always be a ready made group to clap, appreciate and dissect the art as a marvel of symbolism. It seems that all the Medieval artists and painters rather wasted their life in the eyes of these so called group of intellects! The advocates of Post modernism in all forms of arts and literature are rather dragging the true sense of art and literature into real pitfalls.

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4,5 out of 5
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