If clarity of content,
Has a purpose to propose...
Why is the mind confined and stopped,
To ponder upon 'typos'?
As a writer it will happen,
When thoughts are racing fast!
Sharing compositions to proof read,
Can be a pain in the...

And I wouldn't have chosen 'posterior'
To get my point across!
But there are some,
Who believe cussing is dumb...
And when it is seen,
The subject matter of content
Is entirely lost!
Minds like these,
Are looking for dotted (i's) ...
And crossed (t's) !

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (1)

You can say 'Tush'.......errors in typing, in the content within are such a pain at times but in the end only words, right or wrong still tend to get that point across. Great and subtle as well............mea culpa, mea culpa......marci. :)