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CV (October 7th,1984 / Johannesburg, South Africa)

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Poem By Carolyn Vuletic

I'm new but still broken
Silent but still heard
He told me he's going away, forever, to a place where nothing could find him
I told him he could run away all he wanted, but it would eventually find him regardless
He laughed and asked me to look after the parrot he bought me once, for an anniversary or some stupid socially acceptable reason or date
A card would have done
I want to ask if she's going with him, but I already know the answer
And I am at peace
At peace with all the times, he called me a bitch or a whore, at peace with all the times he made me cry, at peace with all the bruises and split lips, at peace with how much I loved him.
I hope that he finds what he's looking for, I doubt it though, his demons are far too deep, my love (once upon a time) couldn't even suppress those demons
I said I'd take Cyrus, why does it feel like a divorce? It's gone, over, finished. I am over being over, I just want some time, all I need is time. I hope he finds what he's looking for, for him to hear the truth and see the reality, his reality but most of all I hope he finds his peace.

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Comments (2)

This was awesome, your exposure of yourself and your relationship was awesome
Carolyn! Your stuff just gets better and better, I'm amazed! And your only 21! ! ! ! Your work deals with some really dark issues of life, things that most other people would keep covered up, and i like that. Its like your work is a window into your soul, and by looking in, i feel i know you more...