I don't know why,
I am delighted you decided...
I was the one weak to defeat.
Did I unconsciously...
Prepare you to eat?

Was there something about me,
That lured you into complete delusion?
Whatever it was that made you choose me...
Will be something that will cause you to weep.
And will leave me,
To feed and satisfy...
That evil side!
I can not deny.
Especially when I am selected...
As an easy treat!

We all have them!
Those sleeping evil demons...
Hidden within.
That's why I choose peace,
To feast!

Although I may be known,
To enjoy a bit of spice in my life...
Some decide to provide!
I admit I may take more pride...
Nibbling away,
Upon their curiosities!
To fulfill them.
Until they subside!

I can be charitable!
I was not one raised to be selfish!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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