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AR (3/18/1979 / San Jose', California)


Poem By Angelique' Rockwell

When I saw you the other day
My heart jumped into my throat
I was so excited to see you
I felt like I could almost float

You said that you missed me
That's why you were here
To laugh and make love
And to hold eachother near

The last time I had seen you
I was feeling extremely sad
You were my lover who held me
All through the good and bad

Although it's been about four months
It seemed like just yesterday
You smelled, sounded, and felt
Exactly the same way

Holding and loving me all over
You, my lover, leave me feeling content
Completely at ease with my life
Not like the others, emotionally drained and spent

I know with all the miscommunication
We can never become anything more
I'll love you while you're here
And smile as you walk out the door.


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