Violent Love

When conversation is out of place
Words feel so small u wish u had said more
After so long I had had u near
My little words could never have expressed how I feel

I wanted to tell you I love you
But your walls were too thick for me
Unknowingly behind your walls I had once been
When you told me you love me...
My fault to you it seemed

Roughly you pulled me out back into my own cold world
Where I'm standing alone wondering
'What exactly was my fault? '''
You have tortured me … unknowingly
But I know all you do to me
Is only to make it easier for you to hate me
So I could fall into my rightful place…. Your enemy

As long as the sun shines on this earth
I will never hate thee
For this love in my heart throbs with purity
Binds me to you eternally
So, punish me for my love
Hurt me for making you love me

I will never complain… coz your violent love for me contains me

by sally sh.

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