Continued Envy And Petty Jealousies

By this time in their aging lives,
Producing revisited foolishness.
Many who relied upon the use of alibis,
And excuses to make to replace...
Being responsible,
Could have set aside...
Their continued envy and petty jealousies,
To realize...
Opportunies and established relationships,
Build and not chip away until they crumble...
Benefits that come for everyone done.

To many say they dream and wish,
For a unified togetherness to rid a childishness.
Yet those who permit arguments to exist,
Will find with their immature minds,
Someone to pick as the reason and cause...
They can not leave behind their mental limitations.
Or sit and discuss how unimportant it is,
To make accusations as to who did what and when...
Like children wasting time whining to complain,
An attention another received...
Because they were favored over others displeased.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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