Continued Thoughts Of You

These touches known,
And felt!
Did not go buried,
With you when you passed.
Alive with me now,
As I sit alone.
Under these evergreen trees,

In those quiet times,
We'd find each other...
To discuss and share,
Our hopes with plans to travel...
To places everywhere.
And we did.
As I still do with you...
Here inside my mind existing.
Glued to this setting viewed!
And unresisting it!
As continued thoughts of you assist,
With my acceptance of this loneliness!
And your always welcomed visits.

It seems as if renewed...
This review of the same things said.
With you near and ever present,
Here inside my head!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (1)

Thank goodness for the memories of loves lost or no longer with us. This is lovely Lawrence while being so very sad. Makes one feel like they're sitting there feeling these words that you have shared with us. thank you. marci.xo~~ Happy Labor Day neighbor! !