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Continuing The Journey

Along my journey,
i've met people wise and spiritual
and their words i should listen to,
as they are deep and meaningful.

Yet, my spirit's been weighed down -
with other people's negative crap,
but with postive energy -
i am fighting the black tide back.

It is my ego controlling -
If I'm angry with anyone,
just breathe and let it all go
focus on my center,
don't fight -just swim with the flow.

Eyes that were clouded -
with impentrable mist,
are now bright and clear,
and more of my dreams close to coming true are near.

Each person's Journey is their own and unique,
there is no wrong or right, failure or sucess,
each of us tries to only give our best.

And although we all stumble and trip
by the wayside and occasionally fall,
the negative thoughts block you from rising,
It is these times when not giving up,
is the hardest bit of all.

4th December,2005.

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I love this, i remember commenting on the original 'Journey' i hope this series continues. Always enjoy the style of your poems. Thank you for sharing. Kindest Regards Slim. x.
If you havn't already read 'journey' and you have already read 'continuing the journey' Please read 'journey' then reread 'continuing the journey' as the two go together. Liz.