I don't have to be a mind reader,
To know you are full of BS.
You are the one in complete delusion.
Not believing you reek like you do...
And that is what stinks!
You carry it around,
As if a crown you adorn!
As if that was your only and best,
Attribute shown and worn!

I don't have to be a mind reader,
To observe misplaced activities!
Or to hear contradictions in your speech...
About the good you do for humanity!
You profess not to be like the greedy ones,
But that is what is noticed!
Your taste for greed is what one sees.
If you care so much about the plight,
And poverty of others...
Why not walk to where they are,
Instead of driving air-conditioned and enclosed,
Inside of your new Mercedes!

This image imposes...
An impression that taints goodwill,
By those in pressed clothes...
With stuffy turned up noses!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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I really enjoy the earthy message in this poem, Lawrence, and I so agree with you. A delight to read..... Love, Fran xxx