Contrite Heart

Poem By Isaias Rendon

Lord I'm so lost in this canyon of love
I scream I scream I scream mercy Lord
My God I know I know your holding me
Jesus you carried my sin for me
Glory Glory to the name within me

I trust and believe
your word tell of your majesty
Have mercy son of David
O'Lord your ways become my ways
O'Lord lead the way my Lord

I'm surrounded by you
God my enemies tried and tried
faith broke down the walls of pain
No places where I can hide
Your power is greater than all armies

Break my soul, heart, mind
Break my body in your hands
Make me over Jesus
Make less of me be
Glory Glory to your name Father

Comments about Contrite Heart

This sounds very much like a hymn. I can imagine it put to music and working very well as a song. Interesting topic that is not often so fervently addressed.

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