Heightened to spark controversy.
And to keep a creation,
False from the start...
But given,
The breath of life to breathe!

Molded from a choice to cheat...
With a substance complete to tease,
And sell!
This done well...
The 'pitch' believed!

What one is given...
And kept from another,
As a dangled carrot one seeks...
But will not ever reach!
As the interest of a peace...
Is quietly murdered.

A marketing masked to solicit the masses.
A task addressed to spread an unrest.
Quenching the thirst for war that is fed!
Killing the young,
And breaking hearts of all!
Pushing backs against the wall.
Caring less who stumbles or falls!
Honoring that sacrifice.
Honoring the vanity...
To stand valiant,
Against any opposition.
And not dare stumble or crawl!

Reasons to deplete and demolish...
With polished colloquial approaches done.
Increasing a misery!
Decreasing the fantasies of deceptions kept!
Leaving those weeping with intentions met!
To deprive.
As hunger and squalid images seep.
Delighting the wicked and those who leech!

Contrived with lies...
To stir up a racial division,
In a chaos that is meant...
To bleed resentment,
And spread contempt!

But those architects selected,
Are detected!
And all that has been done,
Is finally put to death!
With a taste of bitterness erased.
As unmarked graves are left.
And with time...

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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A heartfelt, thought provoking poem penned with passion. S :)