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JL (March 19,1994 / California)


Poem By Jade Leven

when did this happen?
my life is all about control
not letting anyone into my heart and soul
staying focused, staying on track
and most importantly, never going back

the situation that is at hand
requires me to not let anyone understand
who I am, and I must admit that
is a very hard thing to be playing at

how to describe it?
it can save you, and it can hide you
but in order to decide to what extent,
you must take control of control
the cycle never ends

you have to stand up straight
smile, but not too warmly
speak, but not too loudly
love, but not too strongly

I have to get control of my control
before it changes who I am
before it gets out of control
isn't that ironic?

I can't let control control my life
it's too dangerous.

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Thought provoking, and the irony is so humorous, haha. Great write. -Kylie M. Lynch