Controlled By The Physicality Of Things

From them?
Forget it.

Most of them are illiterate.
The others are illegitimate.
Comprising an atmosphere of dysfunction!
And the people are controlled,
By the physicality of things.

I know you've gone out of your way,
To ignite 'some' response to your efforts.
Your passion is to be admired.
I suggest you not try to comprehend.
They consider any offense done to them,
As a compliment of attention that's given.

Why are you laughing?
What I say to you is not a joke!

You will be the one targeted to get upset.
The one provoked.
Trust me when I say this...
Don't show it!
That really sets them off.
They then will believe,
You think you are better than they are!

Why are you laughing?
Keep that humor.
You are going to need it!

If I were you,
I'd do more observing.

The others whose footsteps you follow,
Attempted the same thing.
Now they are addicted to prescribed medications.

A few have been spotted talking to themselves.
Some of them have been seen in full conversations.
While answering telephones they don't have,
In conducted conference calls.

Why are you laughing?
They are the ones who run this place.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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