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Fantasy's Hamlet

At The First Look,
I Realize, All Are Painted Faces,
Mysterious Eyes,
Ironic Smiles,
And Half Melting Style.
Before I Collapse,
In Countless Colors.
I Find Mystic Void in Myself.
I Find How Birds Know,
Whoes Flight is Quite.
I Find How Life Smiles On,
Who Sleeps With Opened Eyes.
Somewhere, Someday
I'll Melt For Merit,
Merit That Wins The Soul.

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I agree with John below.... Yet.... This is timeless! Wonderful, wonderful.... Rx
I had reference to this piece tucked away. Came back for another reading. Still great. A grand write Lori.
Lori...Is this not a lament for one's lost adolescence. Is it not about growing up and taking responsibility as painful as that might be. Is it not in the end about finding a way to have it both ways, finding solace in a glass of wine. Is it not about paradise lost. This is the big picture, the main event, and to illuminate all this, you may need to go several more rounds in the ring with it, showing you have real heart and guts. Hope that helps.
Touching and original. I've never seen anything on quite this subject before. It's forthright, funny and a little sad, leavened and sublimated with acceptance and an enduring partnership.
Great poem, I loved all the twisting word paths it took, but why is life such a killer, praise God for rebellion, it is the only thing that makes sense.
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