Perfect 10

Look at you girl you are a perfect 10;
all your curves in the right place.
Smile perfectly fit your face.
and you got brains too.
Girl you are the full package.
Nothing needs to be taking away or added
you are a perfect 10.
Girl just to let you know to me a perfect ten
is not measured in shape or size.
I measure a perfect ten with what a woman has inside.
And if inside you are proud of your own self worth
because that's all that really counts in the end.
Then you what girl, you are a perfect 10.

Note: I dedicate this to all women young and older to let them know they don't have to look like a model in a magazine to be a perfect 10. We are all God's creation and beautiful in our own way.

by Lore Me34

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Everyday I wake and remind myself to bridle my tongue- it's an unruly thing and fights the bit something awful. Chaucer certainly had it right, as did the Bible. Barry below has a point and I'm all for putting a gag on that Trumpet's big mouth! ! ! !
The tongue can implicate faster than actions. Sometime
Wise words; though spoken centuries ago, still pertinent.
Legacy of wisdom has been passed to gen next deftly.
How did Chaucer know about Donald Trump so long ago?
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