There is no consoling,
Those who are controlling.
Sometimes experiences they have had...
Gives them a certain insight.
Dictating choices made.
With no need for questions to be asked.

Some are wise beyond their years.
Some make decisions that bring them tears.
But whatever it is and the task...
It has to be done their way!
With a returned mumble grumbling,
That does not last!

Perhaps it is a point to prove.
With ultimately leaving,
Nothing for anyone else to say.
Advice given to them will be heard.
And that may be detected...
On another given day!

There is no consoling,
Those who are controlling.
And the ones who know them best...
Think of them as loving folks.
Knowing they will do what needs to be done.
Seldom with complaint.
Rarely with protest!

Maybe they can be a bit more overprotective.
But also...
One will find them to have little time for themselves.
Finding them quite dependable!
And sometimes pests...
Who are never at rest!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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