Here I sit one drink, two more
I daydream at the trapdoor floor
Nonchalantly swig again
Wonderin' where my old life went?

A graceful walk, a balance beam
A disassociation, dream?
To bring it back, get back on track
Find my manuscript in that thick stack

Blurry edged reality
Fuzzy logic setting free
Hardbound plans once set in stone
For paperbacks, dog-eared, alone.

The lonesome, leery, passerby
Of catatonia caught my eye
Her sway and swagger drew me in
Like voodoo dolls, promising pins

And as I took another sip
I let the glass pause on my lip
And thought if fruit could rot to wine
Must somehow be some omen, sign

So now I'll wait on numbered deaths
And think of all the wasted breaths
I've spent speaking woeful pleas
To cure me from my life; the disease.

by Mind Chatter

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I read this twice in search of something to talk about but I found nothing. I gave it a 6. GW62
Thank you so much. Am glad you enjoyed it.: -) Was a bad night.