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Conversation In The Grass
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Conversation In The Grass

The grass is cool
Against my skin
She is just there
Lying next to me

Its dark outside
There are no stars
We watch the sky
Hoping it will smile

Our hair is spread
Out on the grass
We don’t talk, whisper
Don’t look at each other

I am leaving
I will be gone
Plane taking me
Far away from her

She looks at me
Smiles, whispers
“I will miss you.”
I snorted and said

“You won’t miss me
You’re a sophomore
On schoolwork and friends

I’m just a cuz
In seventh grade
Four years younger
Never serious.

I’m just looking
For my meaning
My place in life
Even though you know

You know what you
Want when you grow
Up, who you are
Feelings about life

I’m still learning
Not liking change
Trial and error.”

Tears were trailing
Down my face and
To me the smell
Of salt and water

Her brown eyes soft,
Like a crayon,
She stares upward
I start to get up

“I have always
Wanted a sis
Someone my age
Who would be with me

You the one
The one, my sis
The girl that would
Understand ‘bout me

Abigail is
Only a kid
A baby even
Four years isn’t far

You are my sis
Replaced? Never
Understood? Nope
Amazing? Always.”

I realized that
Her soft eyes held
Endless tears spent
For me but hiding

Sky was lighter
It was morning
We had sat there
Talked all through the night

We stretched back
Down on the grass
Sunrise filling
Our hearts with it’s light

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