Conversation Translated To Shitty Poetry.

'I feel psychotically fun'
'I'm ready for anything you have in mind'
'I have way too much on my mind tonight.
A fence, a camera and lots of nudity.
Movie is getting to me.
Lights flashing
Large hands in my hair
Searing pain
Good pain though
That lots of stuff that my frozen fingertips
Cant keep up with.'
'What kind of pain? '
'Like nipping. Small bites.
Like when someone really likes what you do
And screams your name in your ear
Clawing your back
Til they draw blood.'
'I feel like....
And euphoric.
I hate it.
Being along I mean.
I feel.....
Like I'm high'

Did I mention I bedded the boy?

by Kate Breeze

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