Conversation With A Cat

Hey Cat! You brat!
Why do you bite me?
And claw me and scratch - see!
Look at that!

My hand all scratched and bleeding
I know you meant no harm
But just look at my arm!
It's all red and burning

And here you lie calmly
Next to me on the sofa
Licking yourself all over
Purring contentedly

I wish I had fur to lick
I wouldn't need this clothing
Wouldn't have to go shopping
Maybe wouldn't get sick

When I'm not dressed enough
And it's cold and raining
Imagine - no more washing
Or ironing; life would be less tough

With a warm fur coat like you
Covering me from head to toe
None of my soft skin would show
I'd have so much less to do

And I'd be nicely protected
From cuts and scrapes
And burns and chafes,
From sun and snow defended

And think! All my emotion
Would never be revealed
Embarrassment concealed
I'd hide every reaction

Yes, I'm really wondering why
A cat has fur, a tortoise a shell,
A fish scales, a bird is feathered well
But no animal's as bare as I

What did God have in mind
When he made a naked man
And, of course, a naked woman
So unlike every other kind

Then borrowed animals' skin
And made them long garments
Instead of fig-leaf habiliments
They'd donned after their sin

So, Kitty, do you have some reply
To all my thoughts and inquiring?
As you lie there peacefully purring
Oblivious to questions of how and why

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An adorable poem Full of truth and fun You may not have any fur But as far as originality And good poetry go Laurie Van der Heart, There's only, one.
Hey, Laurie! I like this poetic meditation—just right in form and flow just like it is. And the picture goes well with it. My wife being a cat lover, I’ve written many poems about these creatures. For comparison see Message from Beside a Sphinx, Shedding, Cedar Investigation, and Faith of a Feline. By the way, our current cat Peanut has similar coloring to the one in the picture except for his white bib and booties. -Glen
THREE: There you go dear Laurie with your question, the cat is just a cat. If you are scratched, be sure to get tetanus injections against that very dangerous disease. A most entertaning poem you created about your conversation with a cat. Much enjoyed. Lovely photo of your cat. Thank you for sharing. A 10 Full Vote G.B.U. in Abundance. Amen.
TWO: So we got a unique cover for our naked bodies, first we killed animals for their fur, then ages later we produce own thread of silk and we weave our clothings in the factories. The human kind is also the destroyer of its own kind: during wars. So many wars had been. Not fed up yet? They explore the universe........WOW! see THREE
ONE: Dear Laurie, God created man and woman and so we belong to huMANkind, not to animal/kind. God is The Genius, He created for each of the animals in nature, its own outfit. For the animals at sea, the fishes another type of clothing, I reckon. Also the feather-types.Therefore we say lazily: In God we trust, how it must...........................................................Please, read TWO, thank you
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