Conversation With A Weevil

Cognitive intelect,
ancient teachings revealed.
Philosophize with the moon,
listen to the wind.
Collecting old thoughts
under willow branches.

You might find yourself
in debate about politics,
with a sparrow and a fox,
while the tigers prefer
classical literature.
A skunk orates on the
importance of pop culture.

Mathematics are found
under a toad stool;

whilst meditation of
science of the ages
has been passed through
wild grasses, coercing
with fallen leaves.

The running brook babbles
theology and a passing
sly fox discusses spirituality
and mystics of Zen.

You might be surprised
to find your artistic side
amid arachnids and roses,
while tulips and daffodils sing
sweet hymns.

And in the end you may
sit down for a cup of tea
with aardvarks and mallards,
just to shoot the breeze, as
you will discover they have
no taste for erudition.

Authors Notes:

Free Verse

by Amera Andersen

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