Conversations With Adrestia About Retribution, Vengeance, Wisdom, Patience, Moderation And Overcoming!

Adrestia: Hey, Joshua!

Joshua: Hey, Adrestia!

Adrestia: How are you feeling today?

Joshua: Unstoppable! Perfect! Full of happiness and peace.

Adrestia: That is wonderful! Has anybody been bothering you lately? I ask you this because you said the word ''unstoppable'' which indicates that someone is trying to ''stop you'' or bring you down.

Joshua: Well, not only lately, but for the last few years. The same people. But starting today I'm verbally bringing their games to an end.

Adrestia: That's good! You have to stand up for yourself when people are doing evil.

Joshua: These people do evil because they see an opportunity. Wise people use opportunity to educate and strengthen themselves spiritually. They don't waste time trying to ruin innocent people. People who want nothing to do with them.

Adrestia: These people sound like spoiled children. Are they children that you are talking about?

Joshua: Well, not only are they not children but they're not worthy enough to be called children. Unless you're talking about a problem child. And in the true sense of the word.

Adrestia: I see! You must be dealing with some psychomaniacs.

Joshua: Psychomaniacs is a good word. But we may be doing that word injustice.

Adrestia: I think you should talk about everything people are doing to you if they're bad. I think we should keep things secret among good people, people that do us good or don't bother us, and expose everything of the bad people. They need to be caught. They need to be punished for their deeds. They need to experience the wrath of their repeated wrongs which they do nothing to change.

Joshua: If you're someone whose repeatedly bothering me, I'm going to expose you mercilessly. My speaking and writing will continually get better. I have books within me. Movie scripts. Among other things.

Adrestia: Even music. I can see you composing songs. You're a true lyricist. When you get out of the bad neighborhood you're in, you're going to produce bountifully, like a flower, tree, or plant in good sunlight.

Joshua: That is true! I know it's true!

Adrestia: Things will change for the better! Because you're good! Your intention is good. And all those people who could help you right now in your current situation and are doing nothing are criminals themselves.

Joshua: A phrase from Moliere comes to mind; ''It is not only for what we do that we are held responsible but also for what we do not do.''

Adrestia: And Martin Luther King; ''He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it.''

Joshua: Those words are true! My judgment will come as Julius Caesar's after his ransom was payed to the pirates. He said he would avenge the captors and he did. And so will I. That doesn't mean I will eliminate them by the same means but I will do it lawfully. But lawfully doesn't mean what is in play now, it means what will be in play when the time comes. And if the laws should be the same, so be it.

Adrestia: Powerful! Shots fired!

Joshua: And shots executed.

Adrestia: Ha-ha.

Joshua: People will wish they never ever harmed me. And as always I will be free because I don't break the law.

Adrestia: Tell me about that situation that occurred in high school. About you and that girl.

Joshua: In respect to her, I won't speak of the story. But what I will say is that what was done was done in self-defense. My friend's story corroborated mine and I was exempt of the charges initially held against me. The father dropped the charges and I'm thankful. Much respect and love to the young woman and her family. As well as my mother and father and family for supporting me. And of course, my friends, whose honest testimony when they were questioned led to my exemption. In most cases a person would have got into serious trouble but because I was acting in self-defense I got off. Only thing I suffered was questioning from a police officer who later would see me and say of me that I was good. I was one of the good ones. I'm paraphrasing. I seen him almost a year ago. And I would have said that a few days off from school was punishment, but that was reward.

Adrestia: It seems like you're always the innocent one that other people decide to attack. And I know if this was the state of nature and there were no laws you would rough some people up. But because you're too smart to do anything stupid to go to prison, jail or a psychiatic ward you choose to act with wisdom, intelligence, patience and moderation.

Joshua: Exactly! ''The pen is more powerful than the sword.'' At least in some cases. ha-ha!

Adrestia: You got that right!

Joshua: And when you say rough up, it would only be the people bothering me currently. But I have better methods to deal with the situation.

Adrestia: Yes! I know.

Joshua: And if they think to put any videos of me confronting them on WorldStar, Facebook, Twitter or Youtube or any other website of the like, this conversation will be proof of their premeditated motives; that they were acting with deliberate intent.

Adrestia: Precipitating or ushering in the whole thing.

Joshua: Yes! Exactly.

Adrestia: It was interesting talking with you, Joshua.

Joshua: You too, Adrestia.

Adrestia: If there is nothing else you want to talk to me about today, then I will see you later, my dear friend.

Joshua: There's nothing today, but maybe tomorrow or another day! And you take care too, dear friend.


by Joshua Aaron Guillory

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