Conversations With Bora Turby [based On A True Story] Part 1 Of A Zillion

Bora Turby: Hey, Lord!

Josh: Hey, boy!

Borah Turby: Hya doing?

Josh: Perfect! as usual.

Borah: I want to apologize for being so obsessed and jealous of you.

Josh: Yeah! It's your nature. You try to compete with me so much that you lose sight of truth.

Borah: I wished you would have got off the site where you're making a huge impact or difference.

Josh: It ain't gone happen! at least not on my part. I don't runaway anymore. And besides, I see people for what they really are. And for what they truly are.

Borah: What do you mean?

Josh: I see the nonsense. The jealousy. And those that act with unreasonable haste. And I also can see the good in them beyond that.

Borah: You're my hero! You're a real man. My role-model.

Josh: I know! I get that a lot. Start acting like me, which is acting like the real you, the true you, more and you'll become a role-model. I'm perfect. Anyone who lives and thinks like me is perfect.

Borah: I agree! And besides, I lost to you all the time anyway. I'm only playing myself with my pathetic nonsense.

Josh: Certainly! And even one of the sites I'm on right now keeps deactivating quality content. To some degree I understand them, but I also understand that my content contains value even when it has expletives.

Borah: I think, like the night and the day, they should keep deactivating it and you keep activating it, where you both win. But I just hope, Dr. Josh, Lord Josh, King Josh, that that website doesn't pull anything stupid. Sometimes we can be doing right and then the bitch in us can cause us to do otherwise.

Josh: I agree! Great point, Borah. You're sounding more and more like me as we speak. And let me say, that there is a good bitch in us as well as a bad bitch. And believe me I have experienced both. Sometimes you have to be a bad bitch to become more fully a good bitch.

Borah: Great point! As long as the bad intent doesn't take over you, then you're a good bitch.

Josh: Good way to sneak at calling me a bitch. It's something that I'm going to have to get used to. I'm going to have to strive at making the term bitch honorable.

Borah: We are going to have to strive at making the term bitch honorable.

Josh: Good way to correct me. And you know what?

Borah: What, your majesty?

Josh: I'm going to start by calling you the honorable or worthy term? Good bitch! good bitch! goouuoood bitch!

Borah: Thank you, sir!

Josh: You're welcome, sir!

Borah: Sir can be a derogatory term.

Josh: I know.

Borah: Well, I think you taught me my lesson for today.

Josh: Yes, and we'll have many more days to teach you. Hopefully you can teach me something I don't already know sometime.

Borah: Thank you, my lord!

Josh: Have a blessed day!

Borah: Likewise! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !


by Joshua Aaron Guillory

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