Conversations With Exposy

Exposy: Hey, Josh.

Josh: Hey, Exposy.

Exposy: What's on your mind?

Josh: Besides freedom of speech, which is my right, I was thinking about that dream I told you about yesterday. About that woman in my dream impersonating my mother and calling the mental hospital on me. Well, today a nurse came by my apartment and rung the doorbell, and being wise as I am, I didn't open the door but asked her what she wanted. And she said she was looking for **** *******, who stays in apartment number 5. Now this person, **** *******, is one of the people I was telling you about that plays games. That's nosy. Even the site manager told me how nosy she is. And when I first moved there she was constantly ringing the doorbell. Constantly wanting to know my business. So I just stopped answering. And ever since then she's been living with bitterness. She's an egotistical mad woman. And I've witnessed her play spiteful games several times. For instance, I was on a website about two years ago. And on this website, I mainly published poems. And one day someone I know commented on one of my poems and referred to me as Joshy. Now, before then, nobody at the apartment complex where I live, ever referred to me as Joshy. **** ******* decides sometime very shortly after that to call me Joshy/Joshie. And the grimacing look on her ugly face, the sarcastic fake smile, indicated to me very clearly that she was playing games. I had told my mother even before then of the crazy things that not only her but many of the tenants do. Even during one of my recertifications the site manager told me to stay away from her because of her devilishment. And I want to point out **** *******'s signature malice is taunting or mocking people. When I first got my Mercedes Benz, I would wipe off my windows before I left to go anywhere [and this was done to remove the pollen that would sometimes get on my car during summer] using windex. Well, one night/late evening, as I'm walking to my car to leave, I hear her at her kitchen window spraying something that sounded exactly like windex. Now, as the good observer that I am, I've never noticed up till that time nor after, as of today, any sound of windex coming from her apartment. And of course, I do mean windex being sprayed. Now, I also want to point out that her windows were open. She's a claustraphobic and keeps her windows and doors open throughout the day. And sometimes the night. And how do I know she was in her kitchen [although no face was to be seen because most likely she was ducking down while she was doing it] is because I was used to her greeting sound of Joshy or Josh when I would either leave or return from the store to my apartment. She was at her kitchen window. Most of the time inside with the window open.

Exposy: So what are you going to do about it? Mr.

Josh: ha-ha! Well, ma'am, I'm going to start talking about everything. And I'm going to record the Nurse's license plate in this our conversation. GMP-5929. I guarantee, if she is an actual nurse and not somebody pretending to be one, that she or the company she works for, can verify that Tenant no.5 told them that she lived at my address. The number that I am, my apartment number. And what will happen from me telling of things like this is that people like no.5 will be exposed. Conversations will be investigated. Telephone or cellphone conversations. Ip addresses, vpn's, and things of that nature. Surely these small petty, but extremely wicked, criminals are leaving their footprints [evidence] somewhere. I told you that ''mischief is malice.'' These sick spoiled children, that range from about 35 to 60/70, parents failed to discipline them when they were a child. I can guarantee that their mommies and daddies told them when they acted up, that they were just being themselves. And therefore, should not be punished. I think children should be taught how unique and valuable they are, but at the same time they should get that good ole religious, old-fashioned, discipline that makes you fear to hurt or play with someone. My parents scared the shit out of my brother and I with that good ole discipline, which consisted of the fear of hell as well as whippings. My brother took whippings like a man, and I sometimes took them like a bitch and man, but I'm glad I took them. And also the fear of being sent to jail or prison, I should add.

Exposy: The latter part of your comment makes me think of what Diodorus stated: ''The myths about Hades [Hell] and the gods, though they are pure invention, help to make men virtuous.''

Josh: You're right! And this doesn't only apply to my neighbors [that is, my exposing them] this applies to cyber neighbors as well. Those that are on the websites I'm currently on. I don't play. Provoke me and I expose everything. People are crazy and they want to fustrate me to the point that I make threats, which I won't, although I will give warnings...

Exposy: I know why! They want to see you ruined. They won't you go to prison or jail or a psychiatric hospital which you won't. You've already defeated them. The script of life, of fate, of cause and effect, of nature, has been written. You ultimately win in this thing.

Josh: I know! And I also know number 3 is largely responsible for the evil that goes on in the apartment complex. During my first recertification the site manager told me how sneaky she was. The site manager told me and my mom, who was present at both of recertifications, the first one and second one, that she was very manipulative. That she had got furniture from a company and was trying to turn one of the people from that company against her. And by her, I mean the site manager. The site manager basically said that she was a sweet-talker. That she knows how to manipulate. Even my mom sees the strange devilishment of no.3. But of course, during the second recertification, the site manager played stupid, pretending she never had said it. She acted like no.3 was an angel or queen with minor problems. And the site manager also told me to stay away from no.13, that she was also one of the ones that stirs up mess, in so many words.

Exposy: And from what you told me in secret, none of these people should even know that you're on any websites. That is, unless they're nosily obsessed with you. I could see if you had an account on Facebook or Twitter but you don't. There is no account of Joshua Aaron Guillory. And you also told me of the time that someone from Taipei, Taiwan, which could have been a masked-IP, was trying to get into your Facebook account [which you would later find out from a notification email from Facebook themselves]. And because of that, an old account of yours was activated. And this was around the end of December 2016 to early January 2017. Why would someone want to activate your account? Were they trying to obtain pictures of you or insight into your life or what? It would be good to mention that Jerry Yang, co-founder and former CEO of Yahoo, was born in Taipei, Taiwan; and you have an account with yahoo. Your old Facebook account, to be exact. But of course, that doesn't prove anything. That can be delusional or superficial circumstantial evidence or someone could be trying to frame him. But you don't have to talk about that. I would rather you speak now on people knowing about you being on any websites.

Josh: When I was on the poem website I was telling you about, that I created an account with, I remember that for the first 14/15 days, nobody rated my poems 'low' [real low]. But one day, April 15,2016, I believe it was, after I told my mom over the phone that I had been on the poem site, somebody started rating all my poems with a 1. Whatever was the lowest at the time. And every day, that I can remember, since that day this secret person rated all my poems, except maybe one, with the lowest rating. And I must point out, that both my apartment and no.3's apartment are both attached, and sometimes me and her can hear what the other one is doing. I can hear her sometimes when she is in the kitchen. And she admitted to being able to hear me when I'm in the kitchen. And the main room is very close to the kitchen. Practically it is!

Exposy: That's interesting. Feel free to discuss more. This is what a true counselor, psychiatrist, social worker or doctor would do. Free Association or Auditing [Scientology].

Josh: Thank you very much, Exposy, for your concern. For your love. Well, I had a dream once that someone in a white car, much different from the site manager's car and the car that belongs to the family of no.6, had drove their car into the kitchen wall of my apartment, by the kitchen window. And there are some other details and people in this dream that are important but I will speak about them some other time. In other words, I think that someone with a white car that stays by me, or is a family member of one of the tenants that stays by me, may be responsible for trying to tear my life down. I seen the car before. Just like in the dream. And it appears that they're friends with no.3. The car was parked by no.3's house...

Exposy: Good job explaining yourself, Josh. What else can you tell me?

Josh: I've also suspected no.3 to be using sound-enhancing equipment. They can be called ''Listening Devices.'' I've heard sounds of cups hitting against my wall [as I stated, her and my wall are connected] which make the same sound of the plate that is apart of certain makes or models of sound-enhancing equipment. And there is also a certain noise that can be heard from the headphones when you click or pull the trigger on the equipment to activate the sound, which is probably do to a similar frequency parallel to where you're targeting. And since I'm throwing in all the strange stuff I've noticed and experienced while at these apartments, I wanted to note that the secretary or assistant of the site manager, I caught one morning bringing no.3 some equipment; namely, a big TV. And this was a while back. And it was one of the older makes or models of televisions. It could have been for any reason. But I know I started hearing strange things coming from her apartment, no.3. I just thought I should mention the thing about the T.V. because it could play a part in corroborating my or another witnesses testimony later on.

Exposy: It's good you're telling all of this. And I'm not going to judge you. I'm not going to see the negative. I do see, however, that just because you know what a sound-enhancing device is and the sounds it makes does not mean you're involved in any malicious activity yourself.

Josh: My question is 'how far does it go? ' And by that I mean how far is what they're doing traveling. Are these neighbors connected with other people that know what's going on? Cousins, people that live in other cities, police, FBI, church members, anyone? And has things like this been going on for a long time, not just where I am, but other places or to other people too? And is this a racial thing that has been kept secret? Well, I know from studies that similar people experience or have experienced things of this nature. I would say to this magnitude, but how do I know how great of a magnitude it is? How would I know?

Exposy: I believe everything you say, Josh. I believe you're honest in finding out the truth. I think such people who are doing wicked behavior should voluntarily commit themselves to a psychiatric ward. If they're no good, then why further hurt themselves and others?

Josh: They're crazy. Really, really crazy. The same crazy you see with the Devil trying to defeat the omni-victorious God in the bible.

Exposy: Josh, I think you should get some sleep or rest. You have an eternal life ahead of you on earth.

Josh: True and funny! ha-ha.

Exposy: And remember, Josh, that no one is exempt because they have a badge. Or because they work for a corporation.

Josh: I know wut cha mean! Like some 'Timecop' back-to-the-future type shit.


by Joshua Aaron Guillory

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