Conversations With Kenneth [viewer Discretion Advised: If You Can't Handle Truth, Reality, Things About People And Situations That Are True, This Poem May Not Be For You]

Kenneth: Hey, Josh!

Joshua: What's up, Ken?

Kenneth: We need to discuss some things today.

Josh: Like what?

Kenneth: People!

Josh: What kind of people? All people, specific people, what?

Kenneth: Maybe a little bit of all. But specifically psychotic people.

Josh: Like my neighbors!

Kenneth: Exactly!

Josh: Well, if you're talking about anti-social behaviors, you're talking about my neighbors.

Kenneth: Yes, we can start there.

Josh: Thanks!

Kenneth: Do they display callous and unemotional traits?

Josh: Yes! they lack empathy and a disregard for others but themselves.

Kenneth: Well, surely they must empathize and respect someone unless you mean they only do it for something in return, which brings me to my next question: Do you notice any manipulation, exploitation or superficial charm on their part?

Josh: Yes! That's what I'm talking about. When I do something, I don't expect nothing in return. That doesn't mean I never did a good deed and didn't expect God to reward me for it. Even if that expectation came later. I mean, for the most part, and on most occasions, I never expect anything in return. I just do to do. They don't.

Kenneth: I see! Can you give an example of this?

Josh: Yes! I remember giving one of my neighbors some bottled water, after asking her did she want some. And like the person I am, I didn't expect anything in return. I just gave her the water. But that same neighbor told my dad once, in a subtle way, that her and the other neighbors like to help each other out. The first time she offered me something, by saying ''Do you need anything? '', I could tell she was playing the prison game. Which is the ''give and get game.'' When one person gives, they expect the other person to give to them. Of course I didn't want or need anything, but I could tell. Even if humans live with a code, I don't believe you're to force somebody into a game because of your fear or vulnerability. In other words, I don't think it's right. Unless of course, you are really in need and it is your attempt to procure something essential. Which they don't appear to show. They have the sufficient income or wherewithal, my neighbors. And I gave her some store-bought cake one time, and she took it as a sign that I was interested in her, vulnerable to her, although I was not, and she start knocking on my door after that in order to use me to get things. She first used the tactic of asking me did I have a screw. The name of the screw was unbeknownst to me at the time. I had mistaken the name of it for a watch. And of course, this neighbor was very friendly during that time and other neighbors who had not been friendly before. I take it that they also thought they could start using me. Which to their avail didn't work.

Kenneth: Good example! You explain yourself as the opposite of exploitation, manipulation and superficial charm as well as expose them for exploitation, manipulation and superficial charm.

Josh: Thanks! And I just thought about individuals who are known to be anti-social also have been known for being prone to substance abuse, or drugs.

Kenneth: Do you know of any situations where your neighbors were doing drugs?

Josh: Yes, I found out from the site Manager of the apartment complex that I live in, that one of the tenants who died almost a year and a half ago actually died from a drug overdose. And I had suspected this. Intuition, circumstantial evidence and the weird smoke smell that was coming from my neighbor's apartment had me believing that my neighbor and her friends and maybe even family were doing drugs. They look like they do drugs. And I told my mother this before that tenant died. She [the lady that overdosed] was friends with my next door neighbor. She used to go to her apartment, practically daily. Actually they would go to each other's apartment. I say that to say this, if intuition told me along with circumstantial evidence that they were doing drugs and it comes back that I was right about the lady, who overdosed, what else am I right about? Huh? You tell me, what else I'm right about?

Kenneth: Most likely everything you've told me and others.

Josh: Exactly!

Kenneth: We're gonna find out soon!

Josh: Thanks, Ken! And unfortunately, I'm going to have to cut this conversation short because I have some things I need to do.

Kenneth: I understand that! And so do I. You take care, Josh!

Josh: And likewise, Kenneth!


by Joshua Aaron Guillory

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