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Convicted Of Fear
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Convicted Of Fear

Poem By Charles Chaim Wax

When I exited the train station
at Sheepshead Bay
in Brooklyn
I spotted
my favorite crazy person
talking to himself
so I shifted closer
to hear what he said.
“I wanna see
what’s on both sides
of the street, ” he said
in his nasal twang
then marched
like a soldier
forging ahead
in battle
across the street
looked around
and returned
only to repeat, “I wanna see
what’s on both sides
of the street.”
so again
the triumphant
stride across asphalt
to concrete
the intense search
at last
returning to his starting point
eight times repeated
when I cried out
for his peace
in craziness
where I had tried
often to dwell
but could not
a bit of sanity
of what
letting go
might bring.

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Comments (4)

Moments throughout our lives like this one...often feel as though a gift to be in that moment, and have a reverse teaching. Looks like you saw the other side of the street as much as he did, although...I never have percieved you as sane, thought you let go a long time ago...lol...kiddin. :)
Excellent work yet again... I loved this poem.
I loved your poem. Its something a true poet would write. :)
Your honesty is addictive, Charles.