Poem By Lydia J. McFarland

I shouldn't have ever opened the door
and invited you in,

we are so alike it's like we are some kin
this emotion I'm feeling can't be helped,
damn, why did I invite you in?

I want to give this emotion a name,
but then to voice it would be a shame.
I know that we could never be together
not out in the sun shiney weather.

I shouldn't have ever opened the door.
you're so precious and new,
what ever will i do?

Damn boy, I'm hooked on you.
I opened the door,
I showed you a window into my soul.
and now with out you, I feel so cold.

If I could turn back the hands of time,
out of site and out of mind.
I would have made sure,
you were my first.
this energy in me,
is just dying to burst.

I shouldn't have opened the door.
shouldn't have given you a window of opportunity
to ever hope you could be with me.

I'm sorry I couldn't help myself
I was feeling so cold, and you warmed me up
with that fire, blazing in you.
so precious, pure and true.

I know I shouldn't say it,
I shouldn't give it a name.
this emotion I'm feeling
brings me joy and pain.

Damn it boy, I love you! ! ! !

There I named it
and what I write,
you know is true.

shouldn't have ever opened the door
and invited you in.
but through Christ you, mesmerize me.
you cause conviction in my heart.

Your a wholesome,
driven, unique and intruiging

A masterpiece, meticulously molded
by God.
you fill me with the desire
to excel in all his greatness.

I'm glad I opened the door,
and allowed you in.

Comments about Conviction

I tell you, I'm a seasoned, 'weathered' poet and critiquer, I've commented on dozens or hundreds of poems here, often naively rhymed stanzas about love make me stop reading because the emotions have been expressed so often and, well, in literary terms, the language gets ridden with cliche's. But in this poem, I believe you! I mean a freshness comes through, for me, via your obvious sincerity.

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