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Convincing Faith
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Convincing Faith

So you say that God is real, my friend,
Then why is there war and hate?
And what about babies that die,
And what about their fate?
Are we cursed because we don't believe,
Are we cursed because we fell?
There may not be a God in Heaven,
But I'm sure we're living in Hell.
The unknown ways of our powerful God?
Well now,
How shall I explain?
For Man is only using about
one tenth of his brain
Bad things don’t happen because of God
That’s why we have free will
We do the bad things to ourselves
And I guess we always will
So convince me then that God is love
Convince me of it, please
Show me that he cares for all,
And that he cares for me.
Convince me that it’s not a lie,
Convince me that it’s real,
Convince me that his name is Lord,
Is this the way you feel?
It is not for me to convince you
For I am only man
But I’ll help you know the spirit of God
In a way you will understand
For when you open up your heart
And you open up your mind
You’ll feel his very presence and
Know that you’ve been blind
Yes, well then, that all sounds fine,
I’ll try, but how to start?
I could offer up a prayer to him,
But the horse is before the cart,
I think that he should call me first,
And loud, so I can hear,
But none of those pesky “thou shalt do’s”
Or how “that I should fear.”
God is speaking to you everyday
You have just refused to hear
Hark now at the sounds of silence
You will know that God is near
For in the silence are many angels
That crowd that empty space
It’s full of voices of loved ones past
Now living in God’s grace
Then I’ll walk out to the Quarry Lake
And I’ll sit and I will listen,
I’ll be most pious and I will wait,
For silence, as the waters glisten.
Then a voice “Sit still my child,
“I love you, and I will lead”
It was the Lord, I heard so plain,
It was a loving plea.
So you have discovered how easily
God can show himself to man
He sends the angels just for us
As part of his greater plan
To teach us how to really see
And open up our eyes
For this world is just an Angel school
I hope you realize.
Well, I’ll tell you this, I understand
You convinced me of his love
And I can see the angels too,
And the guidance from above.
I see it clear, he loves me too,
And will never let me fall,
And thanks my friend, you made me hear,
The silence of God’s call.

Sandra Osborne and Janice M Pickett
from the collection

The pendulum swings

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Oh, goodness, this is so beautiful and so true, my God, you two have such talent...He surely has graced both of you. This is a 10++++++ Theodora
What can I say. ahem cough cough