Coogorah Park

Near where the Anglesea River into the Pacific does flow
Is a coastal wetlands that many a lover of Nature does know
Coogorah Park a haven for water birds near Anglesea Town
As a tourist attraction a place of renown
So many species of water birds do reside there
As anyone would wish for to see anywhere
Little grebe, moorhen, coot, swamphen and cormorant in numbers abound
And great egret, wood duck, chestnut teal and black duck reside all year round
As well as black swan and pelican, pacific gull, silver gull and tern as well
Where there are thousands of waterbirds at any give time how many none could tell
Of Coogorah Park wetlands the mental images with me will remain
Of a place that i would love to visit again
The Nature strips around the ponds and small lakes there are bushy and green
A park where Nature at her very finest is seen
Where the Anglesea River towards the Pacific slowly winds it's way
At the end of it's journey from it's source far away.

by Francis Duggan

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