Poem Hunter
(7 September 1876 - 22 June 1938 / Auburn, South Australia)


Poem By Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis

What's the use?
Give it best;
Cut her loose;
Have a rest.
Hope is dead;
Gloom collects,
Nuff is said
Cook objects.

Moth and rust
Hither lurk;
All is bust,
Knock off work.
Nation's great
Clean the slate;
Cook objects.

Oh the schemes
That we planned!
Dreaming dreams
For the land.
All in vain.
Hope neglects
To remain;
Cook objects.
Navy; what?
Army too?
Blessed rot;
All is blue.
It's all one
Who protects.
dropp your gun;
Cook objects.

Let her rip,
All is up.
Have to sip
Bitter cup.
Tear your hair
Woe connects
With despair,
Cook objects.
Fellow Aust
Trouble's crossed
All our plans.
Seek the tomb;
Fate selects
Us for doom.
Cook objects.

Death marks us
For his own.
(Grisly cuss.)
Our head-tone,
With a laugh,
He erects.
'Cook objects.'
dropp a tear;
Heave a sigh;
End is near;
Say goodbye.
Sell up home
And effects.
(Dismal pome)
Cook objects.

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