SS (02.07.1985 / INDIA)


COOL! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Cool, don’t be tensed friends be cool
Let your mind to have a bath in a swimming pool.
Let the climate be hot, let the disaster to come
But still you have to arrive at your destiny
So my friends don’t get tensed be cool.

Let the trees to grow in desert
Let the moon to come during day time
Let the wind to penetrate through mountains
But anyway you have to get your aim.
So don’t bother about these my friends be cool.

Let the strangers to come in your path
Let the rainbow to come during night.
But my friends don’t get influenced by them.
Keep it in mind, hit the target, and ingest the barriers.
All in your hands, so don’t be tensed be cool.
Don’t be hurry, otherwise you will be the fool.

You have to take a victory on you.
You have to compress your fear-ness.
You have to chase your weakness.
So cool my dear cool.
Have a journey in Spool.

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