TV (29/07/92 / Coventry)

My Companion

All games has been played
all tears has been shed
all yearns has been cried
all hopes has been lost

Storm that once roared
is silent and torn
tired of trying to
drizzle some dews
on the land barren and dry

All birds are numb
and butterflies are dead
yearn to sing and kiss
is vanished, lost and gone

All flowers has been burned
and rainbows turned to gloom
shadows are my only companion
my lover till I'm doomed

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To me, being cool is a quiet self assurance where everything looks good on you, where your friends look to you for guidance, no words, just cool actions. Cool has become confused with too cool for their own good. It can be a lonely place, but not everyone can be cool or no one would be, would they? lol smiling at you, as cool as cucumber...Tai