TV (29/07/92 / Coventry)


Is there actual social hierarchy?
They whole idea that cool goes with cool,
But what does the word cool really mean,
A sad label that defines the good looking from the not.

What makes a person cool in others eyes?
Good looking, fit, sculpted, muscular,
It’s all just a way of singling out people who aren’t,
What label is left for them?

Intelligence, reasoning, diplomacy are the not cool labels,
Left for the people who don’t fit in,
But some of them are the better qualities,
The calmer ones and the ones that better mankind.

Doomed to a life of loneliness,
Grouping together to avoid being singled out,
It’s much better to face life together,
Than from a corner.

Many uncool people have girlfriends,
Meet up and go to town,
They have lives,
But what kind of a life is diving in a shop when the cool crowd comes?

Hiding is not how anyone should live,
Fear, loneliness and always looking over your shoulder,
Everyone has the right to be free,
Live life, it’s to short for labels.

by Thomas Vaudin

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To me, being cool is a quiet self assurance where everything looks good on you, where your friends look to you for guidance, no words, just cool actions. Cool has become confused with too cool for their own good. It can be a lonely place, but not everyone can be cool or no one would be, would they? lol smiling at you, as cool as cucumber...Tai