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Cool Calm
JE jess exile ( / )

Cool Calm

Cool calm as the ocean waves
The yielding clouds swarm the skies
As the sunsets over the horizon
Waves come crashing down on the golden soils
Stars blazing in the midnight skies
The sun has set in the distance like a sinking ship
The silvery moon has come to rest
Stars swarm around the moon burning like flames
We sit and watch and wounder what’s beyond
Never knowing is there life out there some where
Dawn is just around the bend
We sit and wait for the new day to begin
Watching in burning desire as the ball of flame rises
Reflecting the water of wondrous colours of the morning desire
The golden sand as once again began to glow
As children run down to greet the new day
Cool calm as the ocean waves
A new day has once again come around
The circle of life is the never-ending desire

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