A Thing

I have feelings for you,
and you for her,
It is always the same,
I really hate this game!

I don't seem to know what to do.
I think now I may hate blue.
It seems as though we are all vying for the same thing,
The thing that completes us and makes us sing.

I have not found that thing,
I am lost and need a fling.
There is a guy who is sweet,
And one day we did meet.

He slips a smile and a stare,
To make it aware
That he is there
And that we could share

A fun time together,
No matter the weather.

I am not trying to be numb,
That is something dumb
But I will never find
That loving kind.

How is anyone to know
Who has their soul?
There is someone out there,
Until I find him I don't care.

I have many steps ahead of me,
Along with God I do walk.
And one day he'll say to me,
'Why then did you not talk? '

That is why I have decided:
To ask, 'let it out'
because I have found out
that I should live life not in doubt.

by Amanda May Moore

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